Hurar Investment Group is beginning its value-creation strategy through investments in non-traditional and traditional real estate assets in the Spanish market. Our success results from a disciplined investment strategy, enduring relationships with committed operating partners, and the collective experience of the company members.

The Management Team with its reputation, expertise, and successful track record in achieving superior returns, offers key advantages for pursuing and supporting our acquisitions:

  1. Find unique and special opportunities before they go into the market due to the extensive net of contacts.
  2. Identify and capitalize on cyclical trends.
  3. Complete knowledge of every invested market.
  4. Wide expertise in negotiations and dealing with opportunities.
  5. Development of strategic business plans for each investment maximizing the returns.
  6. Deep knowledge of the financial and technical requirements of the different projects.

All this leads Hurar Investment Group to invest in assets that are unappreciated, undiscovered, under-managed or mispriced.


Our investment philosophy is to acquire prime real estate assets with the potential for substantial value appreciation. The horizon of the projects depends on each case, between two and seven years. The Internal Rate of Return has to be in accordance to the undertaken risk. All of this is based on the experience of the managers after thirty years investing, operating, and selling multiple assets over different real estate and economic cycles and obtaining great returns for the shareholders.


Hurar acquires assets offering a strong risk-return profile in the current economic cycle. The properties have to be located in mayor city centers with strong markets. They are to be rehabilitated into hotels, and rented to hotel chains through a fixed, variable or management contracts, or into residential buildings. Our target market is Spain.

The success keys are:

Purchasing Price 91%
Timing 91%
Diligent and permanent management during investment life 92%
Exit strategy 93%